Hi, I'm Kanit "Ham" Wongsuphasawat.
สวัสดีครับ ผมชื่อ กนิษฐ์ วงศ์ศุภสวัสดิ์ (แฮม)

I am a tech lead of the Visualization team at Databricks. Prior to Databricks, I was a research scientist and the manager of the Apple’s Machine Intelligence Visualization Team, where I worked on visualization toolkits and interactive systems for machine learning. I did my PhD in Computer Science at the University Washington (UW), working with Prof. Jeffrey Heer and the UW Interactive Data Lab.

Systems I developed have won awards at premier academic venues, and are used by the Jupyter/Python data science communities, Apple developers and leading tech companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber. Here is an overview talk covering my PhD research.

Featured Projects

Professional Experience

Since 2021 Databricks
Software Engineer & Tech Lead
Building the next generation of visual analysis tools.
2018-2021 Apple Inc.
Research Scientist & Manager
Started and led a team to build a native visualization framework for Apple.
Led a team to research and develop interactive systems for machine learning. Published 4 papers at CHI and UIST, including a CHI best paper.
2013-2018 Interactive Data Lab, University of Washington
Graduate Student Researcher
Led the Voyager project and co-led the Vega-Lite project.
Manage and mentored 15 undergraduate students and 2 junior PhD students.
2015 Google Inc.
Software Engineering Intern (Big Picture Group, Google Research)
Developed TensorFlow Graph Visualizer (with Dr. Martin Wattenberg, Dr. Fernanda Viégas, and Google Brain)
2014 Trifacta Inc.
Software Engineering Intern
Developed intelligent user interfaces for data cleaning and transformations
2013 Tableau Software Inc.
Research Intern
Prototyped and designed visualization recommender system (with Dr. Jock Mackinlay & Dr. Anushka Anand)
2012-2013 Stanford University
Graduate Student Researcher
Led initial UI design for Venture-lab, a massive online class platform (spun off as NovoEd) & Research on peer assessment systems for massive online classes.
2012 Google Inc.
Software Engineering Intern (HCI Group, Google Research)
Developed a mobile social software prototype (with Dr. Elin Pedersen)
2010-2011 Thomson Reuters Software
Software Engineer
Led UI design of monitoring system for Thomson Reuters Market Data System
2010 Singha Corporation
Management Trainee Intern
Organized regional marketing campaign to increase sales & Cross-functional management training
2009 Thomson Reuters Software
Software Engineering Intern
Developed test cases management system for data access control product


Swift Charts is now released at WWDC 2022 Jun 6, 2022
Our work on an algebra for confusion matrices won a Best Paper award at CHI 2022. April 30, 2022
Our papers on chart labeling is published at VIS 2020. Oct 25, 2020
Our papers on fluid moves between code and GUI in computational notebooks is published at UIST 2020. Oct 20, 2020
Our papers on machine learning iteration and text query analysis published at CHI 2020. Feb 23, 2020
I finished PhD at UW and joined Apple as a research scientist 1 Oct 2018
Our colleague Jake van der Plas released pdvega, a library for using Vega-Lite plots via panda plotting API. 2 Feb 2018
Vega-Lite is featured on Nature as a visualization tool for interactive and reproductible publishing. 30 Jan 2018
We released Vega-Lite 2.1 with support for geographic maps! 26 Jan 2018
Vega-Lite is used for illustrations in “Making Data Visual” by Danyel Fisher and Miriah Meyer 24 Jan 2018
We released Vega-Lite 2.0 with composition and interaction support. Read our announcement blog! 31 Oct 2017
Vega-Lite won Best Paper at InfoVis 2016. 8 Aug 2016

Educational Materials

Vega and Vega-Lite examples for a book by Danyel Fisher and Miriah Meyer
Material for D3 Workshop for CSE512 (data visualization course) at the University of Washington

Other Software Projects

Peer Assessment Grading System for Massive Online Classrooms
Visualizing Peer Review for Instructors in Massive Online Courses
Teaching maths to kids via a fun and entertaining kinesthetic game.
Goal-setting Behavioral Change Mobile Application Prototype.
Make homework fun by challenging your friend.
Face Detection and Recognition add-ons for Linux’s F-Spot.
Multi-agent soceer robot system that won 3rd place at the International Robocup.
Enabling Mobile Youtube Experience before the iPhone era.

Other Design Projects

Logo Design for Interactive Data Lab
A social brand campaign for a hybrid internet startup on Stanford Campus.
Chulalongkorn-Thammasat Annual Soccer Game Memorial DVD.
Logo Design for Chulalongkorn University’s Engineering Innovator Club.
Packaging Design for Doraemon’s Translation Jelly.
T-Shirt Design for Smiley Home, a recreational group.
Assumption College 120th Class Memorial Book.